Simplified Cost Options

March, 22, 2016

High Level Expert Group has issued Interim Report on Simplified Cost Options (SCOs), making several valuable conclusions about the future of SCOs. Using flat rates, standard scale of unit costs or lump sums (the SCOs) instead of reimbursing real costs reduces the likelihood of error and administrative burden on project promoters.

Currently there are several challenges for more wider application of SCOs – such as the lack of legal certainty for Member States when devising SCOs as the Commission does not provide ex ante verification or a general lack of knowledge among national and regional authorities about what is working (or not working as the case may be) in other regions and Member States.

The Expert Group also proposes several measures for the 2014-2020 period, that should stimulate uptake of Simplified Cost Options. The Managing Authorities can study these reccomendations to analyse as to whether apply SCOs already in 2014-2020.


Read more here in ‘Conclusions and recommendations on Simplified Cost Options’.