Expert Services

With targeted Calls for Expertise, we have created a pool of experts in various areas of the implementation of the EU funds. This allows us to provide to our clients the best expertise available – including private sector professionals and experts from academic world.

We offer expert services for various matters in EU fund implementation and administration issues. For example, if you need external expertise in revenue generation, auditing techniques or communication, we will find you the right expert according to your needs and requirements.


We mostly focus on the following ERDF/ESF/CF matters:

  • General framework of Funds;
  • Programme and Project Management;
  • Financial Management/Verifications and Controls of Programmes;
  •  Evaluation of Programmes/Projects;
  •  Communication and Public Relations of Programmes.

We also offer expert services in programming of the 2014-2020 EU fund period – in cooperation with experienced and acknowledged experts from various EU financed programmes. With our assistance your employees will improve their knowledge in the preparation of Terms of Reference for ex-ante assessments, Programme Documents, SWOT analysis, etc.

For a detailed description of our services, examples of documents, proposals of cooperation – please write to INFO@CONCORDIS.EU.