13 - 14 September 2016 Warsaw, Poland 549 EUR


The main responsibility of the certifying authority (CA) for the programming period 2007-2013 is to draw up and to submit to the Commission certified statements of expenditure. This process includes several very important aspects – such as statements of expenditure must be  accurate,  result  from  reliable accounting   and information systems  and   are   based  on  verifiable   supporting  documentation,  and  must comply with applicable rules. The functions of the CA will continue in 2014-2020 therefore it is essential to reinforce the knowledge of employees of the CA and understand possible improvements in 2014-2020.


What is more – the CA maybe merged with the MA in 2014-2020, therefore also the employees of the MA should be aware of the processes and functions carried out by the MA, as well as ensure the separation of the functions.


Following topics will be put at the spotlight of the event:


  • Separation of functions between MA and CA;
  • Guidance on annual accounts preparations and practical tips;
  • Practical application of guidance on irregularities, recoveries and withdrawals;
  • Type and scope of the verifications carried out by the CA.


Special focus will be made to main challenges of the CA, for example, management of recoveries and withdrawals – starting from detection of the possible irregularity to the financial corrections. Experts will also put focus on obtaining adequate information for the purposes of certification – as CA has to be sure that it receives adequate information from other implementing bodies.



Management (Directors, Heads, Managers, Senior experts) and staff members responsible for managing the recovery and withdrawal process from:

  • Certifying Authorities and Intermediate Bodies of Certifying Authorities;
  • Units managing EU fund payments to the beneficiaries;
  • Managing Authorities and Intermediate bodies;
  • Audit Authorities.