7 - 8 June 2016 Warsaw, Poland 649 EUR


Management verifications and controls have been part of the EU fund system for several periods and are increasingly important to the successful implementation of the funds. Over time, the controls have become formalised and in 2014-2020 ESI fund implementing bodies face a practical challenge to create and run an efficient verification and control system.


While the layout of the verification and control system in 2014-2020 might seem similar to the 2007-2013, the scope of tasks has expanded and focus has been put on the efficiency.


This leads to lot of practical questions for the management and staff performing controls and verifications:

  • how to effectively implement requirements of the new ‘Ģuidance of Management Verifications’?
  • what approaches can be taken to carry out resource and need analysis for units carrying out verification and controls?
  • How to plan for administrative verifications and improve their efficiency?
  • How to plan frequency and coverage of on-the-spot verifications proportionate to funding and to risk identified?
  • How carry out sampling for on the spot verifications (and during the on-the-spot)?
  • What are the key elements for effective supervision of intermediate bodies delegated to carry out verifications?
  • How to deal with verifications after certification?
  • What are efective and proportional anti-fraud measures?
  • How to treatement of errors found during the verifications and apply financial corrections?

In addition, participants will have the opportunity to discuss day-to-day issues and questions with speakers and other participants.


These and other topics will be covered in practical seminar “Improving verifications and controls in ESI funds 2014-2020” in 7 and 8 of June, 2016 (Warsaw, Poland).



Seminar is recommended for professionals from:

  • Managing Authorities, intermediate and other implementing bodies performing management verifications in ESI Funds 2014-2020
  • National and regional authorities and administrations
  • Audit Authorities;
  • External consultancy organisations performing management verifications.